We build home-made solutions that are best suited to meet local farmers needs. We are also fully engaged in the technical area of equipment calibration and appropriate spray application technology training which also includes basic farm equipment maintainance and operator safety.

Spare Parts and Accessories

We stock spare parts and accessories, At Panagric we endeavors to offer full support to all the farmers in the region as far as repairs, spare parts, accessories and professional advice in the area of application technology is concerned


We provide customization services for imported equipments to adapt them to local needs and individual customer requirements.

We also provide world class technical support .



Frequently Asked Questions.

Do not spray in moderate to high winds. Spray will be lost as drift and distribution patterns may be at risk. Acceptable maximum wind speeds are dependent on application method, nozzles and crop

Wind and Spray Timing

Wrong wind speeds limit the number of safe hours for spraying; too high causes drift and too low risks thermal inversion.

The general recommendation is –

DO NOT spray at wind speed below 0.5 m/sec and above 2m/sec at nozzle height. Use indicators around you to help judge these speeds.