Choose Quality and value when buying sprayers

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Earning value for money in mechanised farming occasionally has posed a great challenge as non adept traders are selling farmers cheap quality sprayers ineffective for local conditions. It is crucial that farmers buy equipment with the advantages of long life and reliability.

Growers who have adopted mechanisation have been rewarded with good harvests, enticing the scrutiny of the ever growing tiers of youthful farmers who are enthusiastic in using spray equipment to boost crop yields and profits. The tough economic times have inevitably made buying  spraying equipment more of a price sensitive rather than a quality matter. What appear to be great bargain buys have led to selling spray apparatuses of very substandard quality and not suited to farming conditions in Kenya .

These sprayers have a  very short life when used in Kenya, where farming conditions are unique and distinctively harsh.Furthermore these sprayers are not covered by manufacturer’s warranty, which protects the buyer from manufacturer drawbacks.

The preliminary cost of buying such spray equipment is very attractive  but unfortunately these farmers seek help from us after  being let down. Only for us not  to be able to assist them with spare parts and general services.It would have been better to buy genuine quality sprayers from Pan Agric international ltd  a reputable establishment where spares, accessories and after sales back up is  assured and return on investment for the buyer guaranteed.

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