The tank should be made of corrosion-resistant material. Materials used in sprayer tanks include stainless steel, polyethene plastic and fibreglass. Pesticides may be corrosive to certain materials. Avoid using incompatible materials like Aluminium ,galvanized or steel tanks . Some chemicals react with these materials, which can end in reduced effectiveness of the pesticide, or rust or corrosion inside the …


10 Qualities of a good knapsack sprayer

leakages. Leakages of knapsack sprayers remain a single most important problem  in crop application procedures.Tank lids, triggers, hoses and their attachment points must all be effective at controlling leaks; under pressure and when the knapsack sprayer is inclined, horizontal or even vertical. 2. Safety and comfort. Comfort,safety and convenience while carrying a sprayer is a …

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Best Spraying practice and technique

Best Spraying practice and technique Crop protection involves employment of biological, chemical, and other measures to protect crops from diseases, pests, weeds, or control their harmful effects, and check on their ecological equilibrium. When to spray crops?Farmers should evaluate the need for crop protection measures and determine if the necessary threshold has been reached. Those …

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