Wind and Spray Timing
Wrong wind speeds limit the number of safe hours for spraying; too
high causes drift and too low risks thermal inversion.
The general recommendation is -
DO NOT spray at wind speed below 0.5 m/sec and above 2
m/sec at nozzle height. Use indicators around you to help judge
these speeds.

• The activity as well as the safe and effective use of some products
is temperature dependant
• Labels may describe constraints for -
– Minimum temperature
o Too low temperatures may decrease the activity of the
applied products or cause phytotoxicity(NOT TROPICAL TEMPERATURES)
o Reduced vapour activity
– Maximum temperature
o Too rapid drying of spray droplets
o Too much increased vapour activity
o Operator at risk of heat exhaustion
• In general, avoid spraying during the hottest part of the day


Rain and wind

• Do not spray if target leaves and stems are wet or if it is about to
– product will be lost due to run-off
– many products require around 2 to 3 hours of dry weather after
application to be fully effective (refer to product label)
– if working in tropical conditions, consider using products with
rapid activity
• Do not spray in moderate to high winds. Spray will be lost as drift
and distribution patterns may be at risk. Acceptable maximum wind
speeds are dependent on application method, nozzles and crop.





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