thermal fogging machineOur thermal fogging machines use heat to vaporize a fogging solution and efficiently spray it out in form of a fog.
These thermal foggers are equipped with a heat barrel that gets pre-heated to very high temperatures using gasone fuel.
The fogging solution is in a liquid form and when it gets pumped into the heat barrel, it vaporizes instantly allowing the fogger to produce large amount of particles in extremely small sizes, which all together form a dence cloud of dry fog.

This heating technique allows the fogger to produce extremely tine particles as small as 0.5 microns, average particle size between 0.5 - 10 micron range. This heating procedure does not however interfere with the efficiency of the chemical used.
The tiny particles are able to penetrate through even very tiny cracks or orifices, thick bushes, etc. where conventional sprayers would be rendered ineffective.
Foggers are mainly used in public health for pest control in hospitals, prisons, factories, dence forests, floor gaps, wall crack, long grass, high tree tops and hard to reach places.

Pan agric deals with the whole range of thermal fogging equipment, mostly water based fog machines with a high quality and reliable pump and heat exchanger for both effective start/off and long delivery period, with minimal interruption.

thermal fogging machine



Special care is necessary when handling undiluted products.
Follow the label recommendations for PPE.
Use a graduated measuring jug to measure out products. Never
use food containers or spoons.

Product Label: source of much information

Application conditions and
mixing recommendations -

• Chemical properties/action
• Dose rates of product
• Water volumes
• Sprayer recommendations
• Crop cultural techniques
• Safety information
• Container disposal
• PPE requirements
The product label is very important. It is
the most important piece of information
which tells the user everything he needs to
know to be able to use the product safely
and effectively.

plan well

Before starting any spraying activity always:-
1. Identify the pest to control and level of infestation
2. Select the correct product
3. Read the product label
4. Check the sprayer for leaks and other faults
5. Ensure you have the correct PPE
6. If you feel unwell then do not work with chemicals

post-deposit mobility

Good spraying practice: post-deposit mobility
Product applied as drops onto target surfaces may [to a greater or
lesser extent] or may not move from that impact site to other parts of the
This depends on whether or not the product is systemic,contact or translaminar.

Some terms used to describe product types and postdeposit
Fungicides: curative, preventative
Insecticides: repellant, adulticides, larvacides
Herbicides: pre-emergence, post emergence, selective, total
Post deposit mobility: eg trans located (phloem mobile, xylem mobile),
contact, trans laminar

Final levels of activity of applied products are dependent on:
• Dose of deposited products on target surfaces
• Timing of application (crop/target growth stage)
• Product mode of action, the way it is deposited on the plant/target
and its subsequent mobility

Long sleeved shirt
Rubber boots
Long trousers

Personal protective equipment (PPE)
• PPE should be considered as the last line of defence to your safety.
• Always reduce the risk of contamination through good sprayer
maintenance and the way you use products for spraying.
• Operator exposure studies have found that most contamination
comes during the mixing process and using leaking equipment.
• PPE should be practical and comfortable.
• PPE requirements will vary. For example, the size of the crop may
influence choice.
• Always follow the product label recommendations for PPE. Do note
these are the minimum needs. Extra requirements might include a
visor, eye protection, a respiratory mask or chemical resistant suit.
• The use of a hat can give protection from both spray drift and the


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